Our Garden & Property

The property is generously equipped with garden land, which is used exclusively by us hosts and our guests. To the special ambience belong beside a pond also sunbathing lawns and various seats. Parts of the garden can be used without arrangement, other parts with arrangement, sometimes in large round with the breakfast or grill, or lonely, snugly hidden.

You would also like to buy your breakfast egg from chickens, which you have observed feeding the animals? If the chickens are hard-working, let's just talk about it. This is a good idea while strolling through the animal enclosure, together and after consultation with the owner of the house.

There is always something to nibble on in the garden. Depending on the season, we are happy to pass on some fruits to you fresh from the harvest. We also like to process our fruits for you to jams & Co, exclusively produced with organic sugar or our own honey.

If we can arrange it together, we are happy to look over our shoulder, even when beekeepers and harvesting our own honey. We and of course you are surrounded by many small animals and rich green, flora and fauna.

For children there are a lot of sights to discover and opportunities to play close to nature. We will be happy to guide you through our piece of nature, and all senses will be sensitized again.


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